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Golden Power product qualityUsing the world-renowned manufacturers Tao shi DuPont, British Li Shi, BASF, Chevron, Wo and other high-tech gold additives, raw materials, the golden section, the scientific design formula.
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Full range of brand support
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Full range of brand support
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Full range of brand support
Professional and technical guidance,
Excellent quality, quality underwriting
Professional technical staff to provide you with advice, solutions, training and other support
National custom hotline: 0769-87566605
Golden Power lubricants product centerFrom the details of the enjoyment of Golden Power excellent performance of lubricants
  • Industrial oil
  • Automotive lubricants
  • Car care products
  • Golden Power roll bearing grease
    Metal surface rust inhibitor MS.R PH-11.7
    Fluorosilicone optics FS-7820
    Metal surface rust inhibitor MS.R PH-11.7
    Gold god 0.618 spinning oil
    Gold god 0.618 knitting oil
    Gold God 0.618 high, low temperature damping grease
    Gold God 0.618 ultra-low temperature grease
    God God SYN-1 # SN-CI
    King of God King SJ-CF 15W40
    Golden Power Synthesis 618K SM-CH 10W40
    Golden Power Speed SL-CG 10W40
    Golden God Whirlwind SH-CE 15W40
    Golden God Power Chai Pa CF-4-SF 15W40
    Golden God Power Chai Pa CF-4-SF 20W50
    Gold Power - Super Synthetic 618K CI-4-SL
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